There is nothing better than spending an afternoon relaxing on your deck or patio. These extended living areas are made accessible and greatly improved by your choice of patio doors and replacement windows. For the most part, French or sliding patio doors can withstand years of normal wear and tear before showing the first signs of a problem so it can be difficult to know when it may be necessary to get new ones.

The right patio doors can mean the difference between a good deck or patio and a poorly designed one. This is especially true when your patio doors have been in use for a while and are needing repairs frequently. Here are a few tips on when it may be time to get a new patio door.


Operability Issues


While patio doors and windows can affect the exterior appeal of your home, they are useless when they are unable to open or close properly. Over time, operability problems can occur frequently on patio doors. Sliding doors start to stick and hinged doors make strange sounds when they are used. If these problems are happening on your doors, it’s time to look into replacing them soon.


Energy Losses


Doors and windows account for up to 30% of heat loss in any home. Patio doors make up for a huge chunk of this number because they are opened more frequently than windows. When you’re beginning to experience drafts in your living room or your hallways, call your local contractors for an inspection, but prepare for the possibility of replacing the doors as well.


Condensation Problems


Water droplets can condense on the glass of your windows and doors. For the most part, this is not really a big deal, but they can be a symptom of a more serious underlying problem. Moreover, continued exposure to moisture can lead to further issues down the road. Contact your window and door contractors as soon as you notice frequent condensation on your doors and windows.


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