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Stealth Vent Soffits

Chicagoland’s demanding climate means every inch of your home has to be protected. The professionals at Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc. can install soffit – the exposed siding on the underside of your roof overhang.

Our Stealth Vent Soffit System maximizes airflow and hides vents from plain view so nothing interferes with the natural lines of your home. Our system is designed to be virtually maintenance-free and you’ll never need to paint it. Experience Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc.’s quality service, factory-trained installation and attention to detail that have satisfied thousands of other homeowners in Chicagoland for more than 20 years.


Make sure water from rainstorms and melting snow flows safely away from your house with a quality gutter installation from Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc.. Avoid the massive headaches that come with leaks inside your home and water penetrating the foundation and causing basement flooding and structural damage. We recommend seamless gutters– which tend to be more impact-resistant when it comes to cold weather, whipping winds, heavy rains and more. Oversized gutters and downspouts are also available.

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