Today, a window installation is as easy as contacting your local contractors and scheduling a job. However, there is more consideration and planning that goes into this type of project than meets the eye. Failing to weigh these important points properly can lead to problems down the road, and, with replacement windows and doors accounting for almost 30% of all energy losses in an average American home, it pays to cover these areas thoroughly before you get started.


What are the things that you, as a homeowner, should consider when replacing windows?

Choosing Materials Wisely


The materials that make up your replacement windows are a good place to start. First, consider the frames. Frames can be made from aluminum, vinyl or wood. Some manufacturers even use composite materials in their frames. Each of these options have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, and their costs can vary wildly. Talk to your contractor about which frame material would be best for your home.

Choosing a Contractor


You’ll find no shortage of window installation companies with one quick search on the internet. The key, however, is filtering out the good ones from the bad. Don’t neglect your due diligence, and always vet your candidates to make sure your project goes with as little trouble as possible.

Energy Efficiency


Many homeowners take replacements as an opportunity to upgrade the energy efficiency of their windows. While highly rated windows have better performance grades than others, the numbers you want to look for should match where your home is located. This is not a one-size-fits-all situation where you choose the option with the best ratings. Discuss with your windows installer beforehand which ratings work best for your needs.

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