Window replacement is the most effective solution to old and failing windows. However, not every homeowner is prepared to take on such a large project at once. You’ll need to decide if having all your existing windows replaced at one time is necessary or if it’s better to do it a few at a time.

It’s Okay to Have Them Replaced All at Once

Windows rarely suffer the same amount of damage - not even during severe weather conditions. Some may look worn, but are still functional. Others may have suffered so much extensive damage that even repair or maintenance work will no longer fix them. But if budget is not an issue, and you want a more cohesive look for your home, having all of them replaced in a single big project is a good idea.

But You Also Have the Option Not To Replace Them at the Same Time

The number of windows you’ll need to replace will depend on the affected area. Are the windows in this specific room broken enough to prompt replacement? While there is no set number, you should consider getting at least five new windows - most window contractors are likely to give you a better deal if you do. You should avoid replacing one window at a time, especially if they're all in the same room because it’s only a waste of your time and money. Get the most out of this project by replacing all the windows in one room, or on one floor.

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