Windows play a huge role in keeping your home thermally comfortable and energy-efficient. However, their constant exposure to the elements can wear down their seals, allowing drafts to enter your home. The rattling sound they make is annoying enough, but drafty windows can also increase your energy bills because they make indoor temperatures inconsistent.



What Other Things Can Cause Drafty Windows?

Older windows are more likely to let drafts into your home because their glazing putty has already grown brittle or has fallen away, leaving the glass to rattle in place. If you have wood windows, you may notice that they tend to shrink with age and wear. This allows for gaps between the frames and the window opening that lets in cold air.

Quick Fixes for Drafty Windows

You’ll want to make sure your windows can retain their insulating value. But if you’re on a budget, here are a couple of quick fixes you can do to prevent drafts in your units:

1. You can add weatherstripping along the sides of the window sashes to prevent drafts from leaking into your home.

2. There are caulking options like rope caulk you can use to seal the gap around your windows.

3. You can use shrink film, which is applied with double-sided tape, to seal off drafts.

4. If your windows have cracks, you can fill them with clear nail polish, which stabilizes the glass once it hardens.

Just note that these are temporary (not always effective) solutions. To keep your windows draft-free, it’s always a better idea to invest in a long-term fix like new windows.

Our Exceptional Window Replacement Services

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