The safety and security of your home depends on the kind of windows you have installed and the locks you have on your doors. If you’re planning to replace or upgrade your current locks, it’s important to know what you need to do so you won’t get confused during the lock-changing process. As such, we’ll help you understand when it’s needed as well as whether you can get by with a simpler and less expensive type of lock or need to upgrade to better-quality locks.

Change Your Locks if They’re Damaged

Like all mechanisms with moving parts, a lock will eventually wear out. It can be as simple as jamming the wrong key into a lock or just the repetitive movement of locking and unlocking the door over time. Either way can damage the internal mechanism, which can make the key difficult to turn. Rekeying a damaged or worn-out lock won’t solve the issue since the problems with the locking mechanism will still be there. If this is happening to your lock, then it’s best to have it replaced entirely.

Choose Better Locks for Better Security

Today’s door locks offer cutting-edge technology via code-operated keypads instead of traditional locks and keys. The keypad can be programmed to accept a numerical digit code that can easily be reset as you see fit. Newer locks even feature smart locks that you can sync to your phone, tablet or computer so you can easily lock and unlock the door remotely. Smart locks will also send an alert to your device if the door is unlocked without your consent.

Change Them if Your Keys Are Lost or Stolen

If your home keys are ever stolen, we recommend changing the locks on your doors as soon as possible. However, if you only seem to lose or misplace your key, rekeying is still a good option. The rekeying process requires the use of an original key, but If you only have one key, and it goes missing, then you may need to replace the entire lock.

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