There is no denying that K-style gutters are the most popular style of gutters used in most U.S. homes.  However, more and more homeowners are learning about the benefits associated with half-round gutters.


Unparalleled Elegance

One of the reasons for the half-round gutters’ surge in popularity in recent years is the restoration efforts done in homes built before the 1950s. These structures tend to have rounded features, making this gutter type the best option for homeowners looking to revive the home’s original look and design.

Half-round gutters offer a classic, timeless appearance, resembling a tube that has been cut in half rather than having a flat side. Their simple, cleaner lines complement various roof coverings like tile and slate. Also, the symmetrical U-shaped gutters match not just the rounded features of older homes, but also modern yet less angular structures.

Efficient Gutter System

Aside from their unmatched beauty, half-round gutters also offer exceptional efficiency, making them a great choice in gutter installations. Their open gutter design helps rainwater and melted snow to flow freely through the trough and into the downspouts without any obstructions.

The shape of these gutters is much smoother than that of K-style gutters. With fewer areas for water to gather, rust and corrosion are unlikely. As water flows towards the downspouts, the gutters get cleaned all over as well, reducing clogs in the process. These make for a virtually clog-free gutter system.

Aside from high-quality  windows and siding, our experienced pros are also adept when it comes to quality gutter installation. We recommend seamless gutters, which tend to be more impact-resistant and resistant to cold weather, whipping winds, heavy rains and more.

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