A house wrap is a water-resistant barrier that covers the exterior sheathing of a home. House wraps are installed over the sheathing behind the siding. But why are they important for your home?

Why Do You Need a House Wrap?


Most siding materials are not effective at repelling water. Wind-driven rain can seep behind the siding. A house wrap can shed the water and prevent it from entering the wall cavity. 


House wraps are water-resistant barriers, but they are not totally waterproof. This is because the moisture from inside of the home can also seep into the wall cavity. A totally impermeable house wrap will just trap the indoor moisture in the wall cavity. Moisture in the wall cavity can potentially lead to rot and mold growth. A water-resistant barrier can prevent moisture from coming in, but still allow moisture from the inside of the home to evaporate. 


Can House Wraps Also Serve as an Air Barrier?  


A typical house wrap cannot prevent cold air from accessing wall cavities. There are, however, special water-resistant barriers that can also function as an air barrier. 


House wraps must be professionally installed to ensure that they will work as intended. You can rely on Illinois Energy Windows & Siding Inc. Our siding installation experts know how to properly use house wraps so that your home will be protected all year long.


Aside from keeping the moisture out of your home, a GreenGuard House Wrap, for example, can also improve your home’s energy efficiency by 20% by reducing drafts so you can save more on your energy bills. 


Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc. offers the most comprehensive warranties that cover both labor and materials for your peace of mind. We also carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


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