In considering your options for windows and doors, you need to know how long a product is expected to last, how much it can save you on energy costs, and how great your choice will look with the rest of your home. In this article, Illinois Energy Windows & Siding highlights fiberglass entry doors and what they can do for your home within those criteria.

Proven Durability

The demand for fiberglass doors has grown primarily due to their durability compared to other door types. Fiberglass is resistant to warping and cracking. It does not rot despite exposure to extreme weather and changing outdoor temperatures from season to season.

High Energy Efficiency

Achieving a greener home is easier with energy-efficient doors and windows. Fiberglass doors from Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, for instance, are five times more energy-efficient than traditional wood doors. This means that if you choose the same product, your home will be insulated better, saving you money on your energy bills and allowing you to keep your HVAC system from getting overworked too.

Improved Curb Appeal

Entry doors can make or break your home’s facade so choosing the right type is necessary if you want to maintain a high curb appeal. Fiberglass is a great option since it doesn’t easily get damaged and can remain visually pleasing for a long time. It can be manufactured to match the architectural style and color palette that your home was built in too. 

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