Thermal bridging is defined as heat moving toward an object that is more conductive compared to others around it, with the conductive material creating a path of least resistance for heat. This is a problem that you shouldn't ignore. Why It’s a Problem

Heat will always move toward the cold. This means heat you’re generating indoors to keep you and your family comfortable is seeking out the cold outdoors during winter. In the summer, heat from outside the home will make its way toward cooled spaces inside the home. Either way, you’re losing money because your HVAC system has to work doubly hard to maintain desired indoor temperatures, compensating for heat lost or gained.

Addressing Thermal Bridging

Given that heat transfer commonly occurs through studs, they must be covered with continuous insulation. Unless you’re already doing interior remodeling, however, adding a new insulative layer inside the home can be difficult and expensive. The easier way is to add insulation from the outside is through a window or siding replacement project, especially when an insulated siding option is being used.

Replacing your siding instead not only breaks thermal bridging, but also helps improve home's energy efficiency and keeps your interior spaces undisturbed while letting you breathe new life into your home’s exterior. To guarantee you make the most of your siding replacement project, make sure you work only with the most trusted home improvement experts in your area.

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