There’s no avoiding storms, and they can be quite damaging so it’s not unusual for homeowners to worry about storm damage. Homes are made to last, but sometimes, bad weather can get the best of them, and, given they are prominent exterior components, windows are usually the first to exhibit signs of damage. Are you dealing with window storm damage? Here are some telling signs:
  1. Cracked or broken window glass
  2. Cracked or broken frames
  3. Dented sashes
  4. Chipped trims
What Causes Window Storm Damage?

For the most part, window storm damage is brought about by winds strong enough to carry debris. However, hail is also a common cause, with damage growing in severity as hail grows in size, as well as heavy rains and tornado-level winds that can pound on windows until they break.

Addressing Window Storm Damage

Severe window storm damage involving broken window glass and frames can only be remedied by a replacement project. Aside from completely addressing safety risks brought about by broken glass shards and splintered frames, a replacement is also the more practical choice because a new window will be better at withstanding future onslaughts from storms compared to those that have been simply repaired. Not to mention, they’ll also be more airtight, promoting energy efficiency in the home for comfort and energy savings.

Restoring your home to its former glory after a storm can be tough, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm. You just have to make sure you have the right window experts by your side.

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