When it comes to siding materials, you have an abundance of choices, such as aluminum, vinyl and fiber cement. All of these siding materials can do an adequate job of protecting your home for numerous years to come so long as they’re well maintained. However, while most siding materials are almost on the same level of popularity, there is one that is slowly falling out of favor: wood siding.


Wood is made of organic material, and this means that it has numerous weaknesses that most siding materials nowadays don’t have. These weaknesses contribute to the siding material’s steady decline in popularity. The common problems that wood siding often face include pest infestation, moisture penetration, sun exposure and flammability, all of which can be costly to rectify.


Due to deforestation, wood is steadily becoming a siding material that can be costly to source. Apart from that, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to manufacture and install wood siding. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, this siding can also be expensive to maintain.


While it’s true that wood is a durable siding material, it still pales in comparison to modern siding options. While wood siding may be able to last around two decades so long as you maintain it constantly and perfectly, other siding options are rated to last twice as long with less maintenance, making them ideal for busy homeowners.

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