Nowadays, sliding patio doors can be a vital asset to have in any home. This is because not only do they enhance your home’s overall aesthetic appeal and value, but also because they are extremely energy-efficient, saving you money each month. However, there are still some homeowners who are reluctant to have one installed due to the various misconceptions they’ve heard about sliding patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors Are Ugly 

This misconception can be attributed to older variants of sliding patio doors because, in the past, they were indeed bulky and can sometimes be unappealing. Now, however, modern technology has allowed manufacturers to make sleeker sliding patio doors with smaller frames that allow for increased views. Apart from that, you’ll also have a wide selection of color and finishes for frames, trims and hardware.

Sliding Patio Doors Leak Water When It Rains 

This notion actually has a grain of truth behind it. Like any opening in your home, a sliding door can leak on windy days or during strong storms. Still, made with quality materials and superb craftsmanship, sliding patio doors will be able to provide protection from the environment, ensuring leaks are kept to a minimum.

Sliding Doors Are Hard to Open 

This myth has a grain of truth behind it as it was indeed a bit harder to open sliding doors in the past due to their weight and size. However, improvements in engineering and hardware have allowed manufacturers to create sliding patio doors that are top-hung, offering smoother operation.

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