The winter season can be brutal for any home. Not only can the strong winds that accompany it blow your shingles off your roofing system, but the cold weather can also freeze your windows as well and make it impossible to open them. This is something that you need to prevent as it can be a safety hazard while also damaging your window.

  1. Use a De-Icer Spray - One way you can prevent your windows from freezing is through the use of a de-icer spray. Once you’ve bought the de-icer spray, apply it outside your window along the opening to prevent the portion from freezing shut. De-icers work because they contain chemicals that can melt ice and prevent your window from freezing. However, it doesn’t last for long periods of time so you’ll reapply it several times within a 24 hour period.

  1. Reduce Window Condensation - Reducing window condensation is another way you can prevent your window from freezing. You can accomplish this by reducing humidity and maintaining consistent temperatures around your home as moisture on both the indoors and outdoors can cause a window to freeze. With that in mind, make sure to run your vents to reduce humidity, and keep your interior thermostat as low as possible to prevent condensation.

  1. Install Plastic Insulation - Alternatively, you can also install plastic shrink film inside your windows to provide adequate amounts of insulation and reduce the likelihood of condensation. You can obtain plastic shrink film from your local hardware store, and you can apply it to your window with double-sided tape after you’ve heated the plastic film with a hair dryer. I

  1. Apply Weatherstripping and Caulk - Finally, you can also consider applying some self-adhesive weatherstripping on your windows for a fast and efficient installation that can help you prevent them from freezing immediately. Apply the weatherstripping to the bottom of the sash and along the seams before caulking the window’s exterior to seal the small gaps and cracks where air can enter.

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