Winter can be especially challenging for your home. With the harsh weather and cold temperatures it has to face, it's not uncommon to have problems with its different parts, such as the siding.

Here are three siding problems that commonly happen in the winter.

Loose Panels

Signs of loose siding panels include overhanging lips and flapping noises when it's windy. The latter usually means that air is penetrating behind a loose panel, which then causes the siding to shake and become jarred. If you notice your vinyl siding hanging in an unusual way, you can secure the panel back into its original position. However, this may only work for minor damage. If your siding is already damaged extensively, it might be best to plan for a siding replacement.

Cracks or Holes

While vinyl siding is susceptible to dents, it may not be safe from cracking, especially during winter. The lower temperatures in the colder season tends to make the siding more brittle, making it vulnerable to debris whipped around by strong winter winds or misfired snowballs that have hidden ice.

Immediately fix any cracks or holes in your siding in order to prevent cold air and moisture from penetrating your home. If you feel the damage is beyond repair, a replacement might be a better solution. Siding and window replacement usually go together so you might want to check your windows as well and find out if anything needs to be replaced.

Water Infiltration

This often becomes a problem if there are ice buildups in your eavestroughs. Ice and snow eventually melt, and the moisture tends to back up into your home and underneath your siding. Have your siding regularly inspected so that you can detect and fix problems at an early stage.

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