Entry doors are an important part of your home’s exterior. Being exposed to the elements, they may need to be replaced in time. Here are the signs that indicate you may need new entry doors.

Your Entry Door Is Starting to Look Its Age

Your entry door may already be showing signs of wear and tear: scratches, dents and a faded finish. A traditional wood door in this condition can be restored and may even be the only option if it was an antique or a part of a historical property. It is usually more practical to replace modern doors, which are usually made of steel or fiberglass, instead of having them repaired.

Take front door replacement as an opportunity to update its looks. An outdated color palette can be addressed, especially if siding or window replacement is part of your project. One of the key features of an entry door is its independence from the overall exterior color palette. You can choose an exceptionally bright front door color, and it wouldn’t look out of place in a somber color palette.

You Feel Drafts Around the Door Area

Entry doors require a proper seal between sash and frame. This prevents air leaks that cause drafts during cold seasons. If you feel drafts when you’re close to your front door (it may also feel warm around this area during summer), it means there’s a leak. You can address this leak by replacing door weatherstripping, but if that fails, you may need to have your entry door replaced. In addition to drafts, heat leaks can lead to higher energy bills.

Your Front Door Is Difficult to Open and Close

Every known front door material is affected by extreme temperatures, resulting in thermal expansion and contraction. When this happens, you may find your entry door difficult to open and close. Some materials like wood may need to be planed and refinished to allow space for movement. Others like metal may require adjustment or hardware replacement. Failing all of this, you may need to have your front door replaced.

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