Vinyl remains a popular siding material choice for many homeowners due to its aesthetic appeal, versatility and low-maintenance features. However, not all people are aware of these qualities because of the many misconceptions surrounding vinyl.

Myth 1: The Material Is Weaker Than Other Materials

Vinyl hasn’t always been durable, but advances in manufacturing have helped the siding material become more resistant to the harsh elements. Most siding installations, in fact, are rated for up to 110-mile-per-hour wind speeds.

Myth 2: Vinyl Is Bad for the Environment

Given the synthetic nature of the material, vinyl is not always at the top of the list of homeowners looking to achieve an eco-friendly home through siding or even window installation. Then again, with the right upkeep, this siding material can last an incredibly long time. It is a low-maintenance material that needs no harsh cleaners to keep it looking good. Thus, it never needs a coat of paint, preventing the use of contaminants.

Myth 3: Vinyl Is Not Recyclable

This statement is not true at all. Used vinyl siding, in fact, can be recycled by repurposing it for new products, including new siding. Truly, this material is one of the greenest siding options for homeowners, especially when taking into account how it helps insulate the home.

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