Windows matter a lot, not just in terms of curb appeal, but also because of energy efficiency. They may be thinner and more fragile than walls, but they can stop drafts and keep indoor temperatures at comfortable levels all year round. However, the fact that they have numerous potential points of failure exposes them to various defects that can trigger comfort issues and other related problems.

Condensation Between Glass Panes

It’s impossible to wipe the fog off the window glass, especially if it formed between glass panes. This is a common problem in multi-pane windows, especially when the perimeter seal breaks and the gas fill leaks out. What’s supposed to be an efficient unit that resists thermal transfer becomes an unattractive one.

Damaged Glazing Putty

This material surrounds the edges of glass panes, keeping the glass secure and creating a seal that prevents air leaks. Over time, however, the hardened putty may crack or chip, leaving gaps that can compromise the indoors’ comfort levels. This problem can be fixed by using caulk or silicone, although neither is designed for the job. A broken seal often indicates the end of a window’s lifespan, which means pursuing replacement windows would be the best option.

Damaged Window Flashing

Made of aluminum or galvanized steel, flashing is installed on window joints where water could seep into the interior. Due to constant exposure to water, it can be susceptible to damage. The same problem can also be attributed to improper installation. Either way, poor flashing can lead to rot at the window framing, which can further affect the drywall and siding if not addressed right away.

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