Window development is centered on the benefits of natural light, added ventilation, eliminating drafts and water leaks, and ease of maintenance. Aside from the frame material, style and color, you need to consider the number of panes you want in your windows

Today we will talk about whether more panes make a difference in the energy efficiency of windows.

Comparing Single-, Double- and Triple-Pane Windows

While single-pane windows keep wind out and provide a clear outdoor view, they are drafty, inefficient and more likely to experience condensation. Since glass is a poor insulator, the outdoor conditions can easily affect the indoor temperature. 

You will experience a drastic change in your home’s comfort with double-hung windows. They are a much better option than single-pane windows. These windows have improved insulating ability due to the air pockets trapped between the two sheets of glass. Double-pane replacement windows with a gas fill are more energy-efficient. Gasses are denser than air so they make heat and sound pass slower, improving the window’s insulation.  

There is no drastic difference between the performance of double-pane and triple-pane windows. The added insulation from adding a third pane is barely felt even in the harshest conditions. Further, these windows can cost 25% to 30%more than double-pane windows. 

Whole Window Performance

The energy efficiency of windows shouldn’t be measured by their single components. Whole window performance matters most when it comes to energy savings. 

The window frame and glass are crucial components of energy efficiency. Proper handling and installation also affect the performance of your new windows. Even the highest quality windows won’t do well when not installed correctly. 

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