Utilizing the sun to brighten up your home has its benefits. For one, you get to minimize your use of electricity. Also, by letting natural light inside, you make your indoors more inviting and more spacious. Even so, the direct beam of sunlight entering your home can be a bit harsh.

Fortunately, there are ways you can cool down a room that regularly faces the sun. 

Dealing With Humidity

That “sticky” feeling you experience while you are inside your room during the summer is not actually because of outside temperatures; it’s the humidity. You may be sweating, but because of the high levels of moisture present in the air, the perspiration evaporates more slowly. You can reduce humidity with the use of a dehumidifier. You can also choose to add potted plants to your room.

Installing Siding

Without the benefit of a protective barrier on your exterior walls, your home will be cold in the winter and heat up dramatically in the summer. Instead of painting the exterior walls once every few years, consider tackling a siding installation project that will give you long-term savings. Talk to our experts for guidance on the right material for your home.

Installing Window Treatments

A variety of window treatments can be used to cover your windows during times when the sun hits your room directly. Curtains or drapes as well as shutters and cellular shades can also provide insulation to boost energy efficiency.

Replacing Windows

Alternatively, you can install replacement windows. Old, worn-out windows must be replaced with energy-efficient units that feature low-emissivity (low-E) glass and at least double-pane glazing. These fixtures help reduce heat transfer, which means you don’t have to overwork your HVAC system.

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