The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) released a survey in February detailing a list of features home buyers consider when making their purchase decisions. Out of 175 home features, energy-efficient windows ranked the second-most desirable, which corresponded to 89% of the home buyers who took part in the study.

Attract Home Buyers by Installing New Windows

What Home Buyers Really Want

The study is about discovering home buyers’ preferences when they are scouting for homes that are up for sale. It involved 4,000 respondents who have either purchased one in the last three years or is planning to do so in the next three. They were asked to identify and rank home features from a list of 175 based on their importance.

The resulting top 10 list indicates that consumers tend to choose homes with features that help them save on energy bills, maximize storage and highlight the structures’ curb appeal. Apart from ENERGY STAR®-rated windows, the others included in the list are, among others, the laundry room (first on the list), garage storage (sixth), exterior lighting (seventh) and hardwood flooring (ninth).

Other Notable Findings

The list ranked high those with energy-saving features, but the study also reveals that not all respondents have the motivation to pay more for them. About 68% of them, in fact, are all for saving the environment and living in an eco-friendly home, but are not willing to make the investment. Despite this, 46% of the respondents say they can pay an average of $1,000 to $9,999 more for a home to save $1,000 on utilities every year.

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