Siding installation or replacement can be a tricky home improvement project, whether you’re doing it by yourself or with a contractor. It’s a good investment for your home since it can raise your property’s values, but there are numerous factors before getting your siding replaced. While there are numerous factors you should consider, there are also certain things you should expect during the process.

Here are the seven things you should expect during a siding replacement project.

  1. Choosing a Siding Material - Of course, as the homeowner, the choice of siding material falls on your shoulders. When it comes to choosing a siding material, you’re not lacking when it comes to choice. You have vinyl siding if you’re looking for durability and affordability, and wood siding for a rustic charm - and plenty other materials. Consider your options carefully, however, so you can choose the best siding for your home.

  1. Choosing the Right Contractor - Whether it’s a roof replacement, window installation jobs or siding installation, choosing the right contractor pays off in the end. Your contractor is the difference between enjoying a durable siding with a long lifespan and having to call another professional to fix your previous contractor’s mistakes. Therefore, it’s vital that you make sure your contractor has a good reputation and the experience to get the job done.

  1. Removing the Old Siding - Naturally, before the replacement siding can be installed, the old one must be removed. It will likely cause a mess, however, so make sure your contractors have a plan in mind when dealing with the aftermath of the removal.

  1. Wall Preparation - Before installing the new siding, the contractors will first assess your wall and repair it if necessary so that the siding can be correctly installed. After all, your siding’s appearance and stability depends on the wall’s condition so this is a necessary step.

  1. Insulation Installation - With the removal of your old siding, you can expect that the insulation that comes with it will be removed as well. Therefore, your contractor will make sure that your home is properly insulated by adding new insulation, eliminating the worries of a high energy bill.

  1. Installing the New Siding - Once the prior steps are done, you can now expect that the new siding will be installed as planned, protecting your home from the elements once again.

  1. Damage and Asbestos - During the inspection stage of your home before the siding installation, the contractor may discover some damage and asbestos in your home. Asbestos is highly toxic, and both will have to be rectified immediately. It’s also likely that there’ll be additional costs for the removal and repair.

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