Vinyl windows are one of the classic window types seen in most American homes and remain one of the popular choices to this day. This is because, despite their low cost, vinyl windows can still do the job that windows with a significant price tag can do. However, like every addition or replacement that we put in our home, this type of window also comes with its own myths and misconceptions.

Vinyl Windows: Common Myths and Misconceptions

In this post, Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc., discusses the various myths and misconceptions that surround vinyl windows.

Poor Quality

Some homeowners believe that because of its low cost, vinyl windows are not quality options. This isn’t actually the case as vinyl windows, while affordable, are still versatile and offer numerous benefits. This allows you to have great quality windows at an affordable price.


The rumor that vinyl windows are highly flammable is a pure misconception. Between the two, wood windows are more likely to catch fire since vinyl is rigid and thick, and can stop burning on its own once the source is eliminated.

Can’t Be Recycled

Vinyl windows are actually highly recyclable materials. In fact, 99% of the vinyl used in manufacturing is actually recycled, meaning vinyl windows are one of the eco-friendliest options available in the market.

Not Many Options When It Comes to Colors

Surprisingly, some believe that vinyl windows only come in white or brown colors. However, manufacturers can actually design and customize the replacement windows according to your specifications, allowing you to have a wide range of options.

Only Comes in Certain Styles

Contrary to the belief, vinyl windows come in almost every window style available, including casement, sliding, awning and even patio doors.

Poor Insulators

Another popular misconception regarding vinyl windows is that they’re not very good insulators. The truth is, they’re actually excellent insulations with some having a U-value of 0.2 to 0.5. This will allow the windows to keep your home warm during the winter and cool in the summer, and help you save up on your energy bills.

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