At Illinois Energy, Windows, and Siding, Inc., we take our entry door, siding and window installation jobs seriously. We know that for our clients to get the most of these products, they have to be properly installed. In this blog, we share a look at a typical Illinois Energy, Windows, and Siding installation.

Our Installation Process

Replacement Window Installation

To illustrate how hassle-free our process is, here’s an overview of how we install new windows:

First, we discuss the project with our client during the first consultation. We help them find the window style and colors that best work with their project requirements, then take precise measurements to ensure accuracy and prepare the replacement windows for installation day.

When the day arrives, we carefully remove the old windows, clean the wall openings and perform repairs as needed. The replacement window assembly is leveled, shimmed and then installed, using screws to secure it. The gap between frame and wall opening is filled with insulating foam and caulked, then the capping is trimmed and installed for a cleaner look. Typically, the window replacement process takes less than a day for an average-sized home. In fact, you can entrust your home to us as you leave for work in the morning and come back home later to new, fully-installed windows that are ready to use.

Entry Doors and Siding

You can expect the same amount of care and precision when we install new entry doors as when we install windows. When installing entry doors, factors such as heavy foot traffic and house settling have to be considered and accounted for. Therefore, factory training and years of experience are needed—both of which our installation teams possess. Siding likewise needs to be expertly installed, as the smallest installation errors may result in leaks and lead to reduced energy efficiency. We’re so confident about our products and our installation team’s ability to deliver that we offer a true lifetime guarantee on our parts, labor, service and installation.

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