Nowadays, energy efficiency is an important consideration when prioritizing home improvements. Illinois Energy, Windows, and Siding, Inc., offers energy-efficient siding, entry doors and replacement.

Energy Efficiency

Our products can help make your home more energy-efficient by improving its insulation. A properly insulated home should allow minimal heat transfer. Therefore, it should be able to retain indoor heat in the winter and prevent outdoor heat from seeping in during the summer. This reduces the required output from the HVAC system, resulting in energy savings.

Sometimes the insulation used in the attic and exterior walls may not be sufficient to prevent heat loss and heat gain; this is where our products come in. We offer window replacement options that keep heat transfer to a minimum, thanks to our SmartGlass365 and insulated frames. Our siding and entry doors will likewise complement your home’s insulation and contribute to significant energy savings. With less heating and cooling required, less strain will be placed on your HVAC system, which helps improve its long-term performance.

Comfort and Beauty

Proper insulation helps create consistent indoor temperatures, which means more comfortable living spaces. This allows you to stay warm and cozy in the middle of winter without taxing your heating system or worrying about drafts coming in around the windows and doors. We’ve had customers before tell us that they had to give up staying in their bedrooms because the rooms were rendered too uncomfortable by drafty windows. Later, however, they were able to “reclaim” these rooms, thanks to their new windows from Illinois Energy. 

Windows, entry doors and siding all have an impact on your home’s curb appeal. This is why we choose to offer products that feature beautiful colors and low maintenance requirements, in addition to being energy efficient. We’re so confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our products and workmanship that we offer true lifetime warranty coverage on all parts, labor, service and installation.

In addition to the products mentioned above, Illinois Energy also offers soffit and seamless gutter installations. Give us a call at (630) 333-1823 or fill out our contact form to get your project started. We serve clients in Naperville and Lisle, IL, as well as surrounding areas in Illinois.