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Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc. carries one of the best and largest selections of unique window installations in Barrington, Illinois. We offer some of the best products coupled with efficient and dependable installation services to help make sure you’re satisfied with the final results every time you work with our experienced installers. Regardless of the type of window you’re trying to find for your home, we have windows that are compatible for homes of all types, whether traditional or contemporary.

An Extensive Selection of Window Installation Options

If you’re in need of efficient and top-quality window installations in Barrington, Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc. has the vast selection you need to get the results you want with every installation. We have worked with one of the best brands of window designs to make sure that the level of quality is consistent for all of our customers.

Worthington Windows

Since Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc.’s establishment in 2002, our company has used Worthington Windows designs to complete every installation, which has helped give our customers unrivaled quality with each project. Worthington Windows are known for their dependable performance, visual appeal, and cost-effectiveness to contribute to any home. They also come with a variety of customizable options that can help us provide our customers with a solution that meets all of their needs.

The different Worthington Windows you can choose from include:

Customers can benefit from top-quality designs for each of these Worthington Windows designs, adding originality and quality to the home’s exterior.

Peak Value and Energy Performance

Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc. has always had a commitment to thorough Research and Development, and as a result has designed and installed windows that give our customers the best value due to increased energy savings, minimized maintenance requirements, and increased visual appeal. Our windows are particularly energy-efficient as heating and cooling costs have continued to rise over the years. As a result, we have collectively saved our customers millions of dollars in reduced energy expenses following the installation of our high-quality windows. Through our team of experienced and highly trained installers, we ensure our customers benefit from top-quality products and services. Our employees also treat every home like it’s their own with every installation project.

High-Quality Quadraseal Technology

One of the main advantages of Worthington Windows installations is the reliable and innovative Quadraseal thermal insulating sealing feature, as part of our complete SmartGlass 365 system. This technology offers the most energy savings, highest level of durability, and optimal performance with every product. Quadraseal also subsequently gives Worthington Windows installations a 100% guarantee against seal failure, keeping each window consistently energy-efficient for the highest possible ROI.

Important Questions About Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc. Window Installations in Barrington

It’s important to ask certain questions prior to settling for a window installation of any kind. Here we’ll review a few of these questions and provide some answers to help you determine which window installations are right for your home.

What is the Price of New & Replacement Windows?

There are several factors that go into window installations that can greatly affect the price, similar to other home installations. The overall extent of the project will also influence the final cost.

Replacement windows will also vary in price depending on the installation and design requirements, but we’ll provide you with an accurate quote that can help you get the best value for your purchase.

Common Factors that Affect the Cost of New & Replacement Windows in Barrington

  • Age of home
  • Type of window being installed
  • Previous window installation method
  • Existing window surroundings / encasements

Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc. offers some of the best products at the best available prices to help ensure customer satisfaction, with windows that provide the best return on your investment through designs that are built to last for many years, withstanding many conditions.

Contact us today for a free estimate, and you’ll be able to receive a complete installation that further improves your home’s visual aesthetic and overall value.

Why Purchase Replacement Windows in Barrington?

The quality of your current windows will deteriorate over time, leaving the home vulnerable to uncomfortable temperature changes and certain potentially dangerous weather elements because of improper sealing. Windows may also sustain damage that makes windows less functional while tarnishing the home’s overall appearance.

Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc. can eliminate these issues by providing reliable replacement windows that can serve as an effective upgrade from poorer window installations.

Choosing Replacement Windows for the Home

Depending on your home’s interior, exterior, and overall architectural structure, you’ll want to find the right replacement windows to take the place of older and worn-out windows. Our selection of Worthington Windows offers plenty of design options that you can customize to meet your home’s individual specifications. If you’re not sure which window designs would be best suited for your home, you can work with our team of professionals to get the best installation.

How Long Will My Replacement Windows Last?

Because of the high quality that comes with each window installation from Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc., all of our products are designed to last for many years following installation. The reliable Worthington Windows construction, complete with innovative Quadraseal technology, enables our windows to withstand most weather conditions and maintain seal integrity. You won’t need to worry about your windows failing or deteriorating as quickly as windows of poorer quality, with minimal maintenance requirements.

Will New Windows Increase My Home’s Value?

Similar to other additions and installation projects, new windows for the home can increase its overall market value. Our windows are designed to provide our customers with some of the best value available with every installation. As a result, your home can benefit from increased overall value when putting it on the market.

Can Windows Be Installed in the Winter?

Regardless of the weather conditions and the season, we can install new or replacement windows throughout the year. We understand how harsh the winters can be in Illinois, which is why we work to simply adjust our services to accommodate winter conditions. This allows our customers to receive installations at any time of the year, minimizing the potential discomfort that can come from exposing the home to cold temperatures due to worn or damaged windows with improper sealing.

“SmartGlass 365” The Ultimate Winter Energy Efficient Glass System!

Chicagoland has extreme temperature changes between both cold and hot, and sometimes daily. When the weather gets cold in winter, your home will stay warm and cozy because SmartGlass365 reflects heat back into your home. In addition solar heat and natural sunlight help maximize your energy performance, providing savings on heating bills, so you’ll be saving energy and money throughout those cold winter months. So whether you are in the Barrington area or another suburb of Chicagoland, you’ll stay warm knowing you have the most energy efficient windows available on the market.

“SmartGlass 365” The Ultimate Summer Energy Efficient Glass System!

Chicago has extreme changes in temperature between winter and summer. It gets very cold then very hot, so you need windows that can handle our extreme weather changes. SmartGlass365 has 3 metallic silver oxide coatings that make up to 12 individual layers. This optimizes your home’s cooling system to keep you comfortable during summer. SmartGlass365 reflects the sun’s heat and keeps the inside of your house cooler. This provides the most superior Lo-E Glass performance & comfort while maximizing energy savings. Ultimately delivering a remarkable 96% better performance in summer energy efficiency compared to cheaper glass.

How to Purchase New and Replacement Windows in Barrington for Your Home

Whether you’re in need of high-quality replacement windows or new installations, Illinois Energy Windows & Siding, Inc. is here to provide customers all over Illinois with products and services that can give them the results they want. Located in Tinley Park, Illinois, we can provide services for customers in surrounding areas. You can visit our showroom on Ogden to connect with a sales representative in person and take a closer look at our selection of products. In addition to visiting our showroom, you can also request an in-home estimate and our representatives will show you all the window options available.

We typically come out to any home to take exact measurements and determine which installation method is required. This will allow us to give you the most accurate estimate.

Request a Free In-Home Estimate for Window Replacement or New Windows in Barrington Today

Trying to find the perfect window installations for your home, whether as new windows or replacements for old and worn windows? Contact us today for a free in-home estimate with one of our estimators, and receive a free accurate quote for our services. We’ll discuss your project and determine which type of installation is best suited to your home. We’ll make sure you’re satisfied with the final results following every installation when you turn to us for dependable service.