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Worthington Windows

Worthington Windows
Illinois Energy Windows & Siding has sold and installed Worthngton Windows since since 1993. Our windows are built and installed with the highest commitment towards quality, beauty, ease of maintenance, performance, and customer care, exclusively for Illinois Energy customers in Illinois. Learn more at

Superior Energy Performance and Value
Beginning with a lot of effort and commitment to Research and Development, the Worthington Windows are manufactured with focus on Value, through energy savings payback, lack of maintenance, and sharp looks. With the huge increases in heating and cooling homes, our Custom Designed Process accommodates Illinois’ drastic weather changes. We have installed over 100,000 windows over the years and have saved Chicagoland homeowners over $15,000,000 in energy savings alone.

The world’s most advanced and durable thermal insulating sealing system through years of development, the Worthington Window’s Quadraseal provides the highest energy savings, performance, and durability. With Quadraseal, there is no metal. This gives the Worthington Window a 100% guarantee against seal failure, period. This allows your windows to perform at the highest level of energy efficiency, giving you the largest return on your investment. You’ll never have a seal failure like most other windows. (In almost all other thermal windows, including many of the largest manufacturers, seals typically fail between 6-12 years due to conducting metal spacers.) We also have available energy efficient vinyl sliding patio doors. Contact us for a free estimate or for more information.

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