Illinois Energy Cedar Ridge Insulated Siding System Installed with Tyvek® Homewrap.

Tyvek® HomeWrap®

Wrapping a home with Tyvek® is like putting a windbreaker (Tyvek®) over a sweater (your home’s insulation). You’ll be cold wearing only a sweater on a windy day, but adding a windbreaker keeps you warmer.

An average 2500 square-foot home has more than 1/2 mile of cracks and crevices in the wall cavity. That’s a lot of opportunity for air and water to get inside your home. With an average 8 mph wind, your home could lose up to 30% installed R-value.

Tyvek® Weatherization Systems can help:

  • Reduce nasty drafts
  • Make insulation work more effectively
  • Cut energy bills
  • Keep water out
  • Let interior moisture escape to the outside
  • Prevent mold, mildew and rot
The Cedar Ridge Siding System offers an extraordinary promise of 20%+ Energy Savings for the life of your home.


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